Metals In Aqueous Solutions Mark as Favorite (101 Favorites)

SIMULATION in Observations, Chemical Change, Acid Base Reactions, Balancing Equations, Activity Series, Chemical Change, Electron Transfer, Electrons, Predicting Products. Last updated October 06, 2022.

In this activity, students will run simulated tests of various metals in aqueous solutions to determine the relative reactivity of these metals. A total of eight metals will be observed in various combinations with the corresponding metal nitrate solutions and hydrochloric acid. Students will interpret the data collected to construct an activity series of the elements used in this simulation.

Many thanks to Tom Greenbowe and John Gelder for their input on this simulation, which was inspired by their Flash-based simulation. Since Flash is no longer supported, they provided valuable insight as we designed this new simulation and resource based on their originals.

See accompanying lesson plan