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  • Half Lives, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Decay, Radioactive Isotopes | High School

    Activity: Graphical Analysis of Nuclear Decay

    In this activity, students analyze a series of graphs and data points to discover a pattern, and realize the meaning of a half-life. During this investigation, students will make connections between the concepts of nuclear decay, radiation and the Law of Conservation of Mass.

  • Radiation, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Decay, Radioactive Isotopes | High School

    Activity: Case Study: The Lung Cancer Mystery

    In this activity, students will analyze a scenario about the sudden spike of lung cancer cases in a specific neighborhood. They will take on the role of an investigative reporter in order to examine important information related to the crisis. The activity will provide students the opportunity to learn about radon gas, radiation and radioactive isotopes. The activity will culminate with the creation of a poster in the form of a public service announcement, where students will focus on the decay of radon and bring awareness to the hazardous radiation that is emitted.

  • Introduction, Elements, History, Review, Atoms, Isotopes, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Decay, Subatomic Particles, Radioactive Isotopes, Electrons | Middle School, High School

    Activity: What are Isotopes? Video Questions

    In this lesson, students will watch a video and answer questions about isotopes. They will learn about the discovery of isotopes, the difference between chemical and nuclear reactions, different kinds of radioactive decay, and some uses of radioactive isotopes.

  • Radiation, Half Lives, Isotopes, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Decay, Atomic Mass, Subatomic Particles, Radioactive Isotopes | High School

    Activity: Radiological Applications of Isotopes

    In this lesson, students will apply their knowledge of nuclear notation using trading cards to investigate and discuss the applications of isotopes in the medical field. The conclusion of the activity includes a summative assessment where students must advertise the radiological services using their knowledge of isotopes and their medical applications

  • Atoms, Isotopes, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Decay, Subatomic Particles, Radioactive Isotopes | High School

    Activity: Using Stable Isotopes to Determine Material Origin

    In this lesson, students will review the concept of isotopes and apply the concepts of stability and relative abundance in order to determine the recent travels of a person of interest in a criminal investigation.

  • History, Periodic Table, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Decay, Radioactive Isotopes | Elementary School, Middle School, High School

    Video: Helium Video

    In this video, Sam Kean tells stories about helium.

  • Radiation, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Decay, Scientific Method, Graphing, Experimental Design | High School

    Lab: Alpha Beta Gamma Radiation

    In this lab, students will investigate properties of three types of ionizing radiation—alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Students will have the opportunity to design their own procedures to explore the relationship between distance and radiation intensity.

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