Classroom Resources: Reactions & Stoichiometry

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  • Acid Base Reactions, Balancing Equations, Percent Yield, Stoichiometry, Limiting Reactant, Chemical Change, Dimensional Analysis, pH, Error Analysis | High School

    Lab: Limiting Reactant in a Balloon

    In this lab, students perform a reaction between acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate and determine the amount of product formed and the limiting reactant.

  • Percent Yield, Stoichiometry, Limiting Reactant, Dimensional Analysis | High School

    Activity: Cookie Stoichiometry

    In this activity, students use a chocolate chip cookie recipe to answer questions related to stoichiometry, percent yield, and limiting reactants.

  • Gas Laws, Catalysts, Combustion, Stoichiometry, Limiting Reactant, Enthalpy, Activation Energy, Energy Diagrams, Experimental Design | High School

    Lab: Launching Rockets

    In this lab, students create a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases to launch a soda bottle rocket.

  • Balancing Equations, Stoichiometry, Limiting Reactant, Mole Concept, Dimensional Analysis, Measurements | High School

    Activity: S'more Stoichiometry

    In this activity, students determine the number of graham crackers and chocolate pieces required to complete a “reaction” with a given quantity of marshmallows (the limiting reactant). They then use the same thought process with a problem involving a real chemical reaction.

  • Introduction, Conservation of Mass, Balancing Equations, Conservation of Mass, Limiting Reactant | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Kinesthetic Reactions

    In this lesson students, through their physical movement, will model the law of conservation of mass during a chemical reaction. Students will also explore the concepts of limiting and excess reactants as well as balancing a chemical equation. Through this activity they also develop a means of representing particles at the molecular level.

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