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  • Balancing Equations, Conservation of Mass, Chemical Change, Combustion, Reversible Reactions, Classification of Reactions | High School

    Lesson Plan: Chemical Equations Unit Plan

    The AACT high school classroom resource library has everything you need to put together a unit plan for your classroom: lessons, activities, labs, projects, videos, simulations, and animations. We constructed a unit plan using AACT resources that is designed to teach Chemical Equations to your students.

  • Classification of Reactions, Balancing Equations, Combustion, Reversible Reactions, Stoichiometry | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Demonstration: Firefighter or Fireball

    In this demonstration the teacher will complete two chemical reactions inside of separate balloons that each produces a gas. Students will observe and record data as the teacher attempts to ignite each balloon. This demonstration will help students better understand how to predict products, as well as familiarize them with double replacement and combustion reactions.

  • Le Châtelier's Principle, Reversible Reactions, Concentration | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Le Chatelier’s Soda

    In this lab, students will observe how the equilibrium of a chemical reaction is affected when a change in pressure, temperature, and concentration is applied to the system.

  • Photosynthesis, Conservation of Mass, Balancing Equations, Chemical Change, Reversible Reactions, Molecular Formula, Interdisciplinary, Chemical Change, Conservation of Mass | Middle School

    Lesson Plan: The Building Blocks of Photosynthesis

    In this lesson, students will use colored blocks to represent the elements in photosynthesis and illustrate how they are broken down and reassembled to create glucose.

  • Conservation of Matter, Chemical Change, Photosynthesis, Balancing Equations, Reversible Reactions, Molecular Formula, Molecular Structure, Conservation of Mass, Interdisciplinary, Matter, Elements, Monomer | Elementary School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lesson Plan: Plant Chemistry

    In this lesson, students will explore a simple, but key, biochemical reaction: photosynthesis.

  • Reversible Reactions, Observations, Chemical Change, Physical Change | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Breath Test

    In this lab, students investigate whether chemical reactions can happen only in one direction, or whether they can be "undone."

  • Le Châtelier's Principle, Establishing Equilibrium, Reversible Reactions, Reaction Rate, Equilibrium Constants, Graphing | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Dynamic Equilibrium Simulation

    In this lab, students will explore equilibrium using paper clips to mimic a chemical reaction.

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