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    Nuts & Bolts | September 2015 Teaching Chemistry on a Budget

    Do you have an unlimited budget for your classroom? Learn tips for maximizing your teaching resources and supplies, while minimizing cost.

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    Nuts & Bolts | September 2015 Round Robin: A Collaborative Problem-Solving Tool

    Try this this problem solving activity that provides the opportunity for students to learn from each other in a cooperative manner.

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    Classroom Commentary | November 2015 Embracing the Spirit of the Next Generation Science Standards

    This article reflects on the ways teachers are being challenged to design curriculum and implement the Next Generation Science Standards. There is an opportunity to demonstrate life-long learning and implement ways for students to create value in their knowledge and find joy in the learning process.

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    Nuts & Bolts | May 2015 The Power of Choice in the Classroom

    This teacher stumbled upon a way to enhance student engagement: giving students choices for how to complete an assignment. And was pleasantly surprised to find students more engaged.

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    Resource Feature | May 2015 Chemical Research of Herbal Remedies

    Grab your students' attention and help soldify their understanding of empirical formulas with this research project.

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    Resource Feature | March 2015 Positioning the Gas Laws in Our Chemistry Teaching

    Set up student understanding of gas behavior and Avogadro's hypothesis using gas density, gas compressibility, and the law of combining volumes.

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    Nuts & Bolts | November 2015 Five Reasons to Use Games to Teach Students

    Using games in the classroom is a great way to introduce topics and to create a fun learning environment.

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    Tech Tips | March 2015 Energy Foundations for High School Chemistry

    Energy is a hard-to-define concept that proves difficult for students to understand and hard for teachers to teach. This article introduces readers to a website that provides a number of resources to help teach the difficult concepts.

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    Resource Feature | May 2015 Water Sustainability: A Video Project and More

    Find out how an old and unsuccessful report on the unique properties of water evolved into a meaningful, collaborative, and rich unit on water sustainability.

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    Resource Feature | September 2016 The Chemistry of Cars: An Adventure in Resource Creation

    Learn about the exciting Chemistry of Cars project, and the content writing team responsible for creating 19 new amazing classroom resources!

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    Resource Feature | November 2015 Q & A with Michael Dayah is one of the first online periodic tables—and one of the most popular. Created years ago when Michael was a high school chemistry student, his ongoing upgrades aim to support teachers of chemistry.

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    Resource Feature | September 2015 The Chemistry Close Read

    High school chemistry teacher Jenelle Ball joins forces with an English teacher and a librarian to successfully implement an English class reading technique in a chemistry class.

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    Resource Feature | March 2015 Teaching Students the Relevance of Chemistry

    Chemistry has had a tremendous impact on history and continues to impact our lives. Learn about activities that emphasize the relevance and importance of chemistry, and enhance students' excitement for learning the subject.

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    Tech Tips | September 2014 ChemMatters: A Wealth of Information

    This article describes ChemMatters and highlights several ways to incorporate the magazine into a high school chemistry curriculum. It also features the Teacher's Guide that accompanies the award-winning magazine by ACS.