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  • Clearing the Air

    More than 70 years ago, a deadly smog helped spur a national fight against air pollution. Today, most of us breathe cleaner air, but at least one primary pollutant is still putting the health of many at risk.

    Issue Date | April 2020

  • Cow Power!

    As the world heats up, farmers are figuring out what they can do to help fight climate change. A growing number are turning a greenhouse gas that comes from raising animals into a source of energy.

    Issue Date | April 2020

  • Open for Discussion | Is Your Phone Sustainable?

    You might have heard that the world is on the verge of running out of certain elements and compounds, and that our use of such materials is not sustainable.

    Issue Date | April 2020

  • Why Avocados Are So Appealing

    Avocados have become so popular that entire merchandise lines have been devoted to them. How did the once obscure fruit become a common ingredient to smear on toast, blend in smoothies, and top our salads?

    Issue Date | April 2020

  • Chemistry in Person | The Sweet Life of a Candy Chemist

    Sarah Houle’s love for food science began with eggs.

    Issue Date | February 2020

  • Chemistry in Pictures | February 2020

    Swiss artist Fabian Oefner created a stunning series of watercolors called “Millefiori,” a term that combines the Italian words “mille” (thousand) and “fiori” (flowers).

    Issue Date | February 2020

  • Chemistry Takes to the Skies

    The puffy white letters of skywriting look similar to the contrail streaks that you see trailing from airplanes. But a close look at the chemistry reveals what makes them so different.

    Issue Date | February 2020

  • Chernobyl’s Legacy

    The Chernobyl disaster serves as a tragic reminder of the risks of nuclear energy. Examining what went wrong has made nuclear power safer, while other issues are factoring heavily into the industry’s future.

    Issue Date | February 2020

  • Crystal Caves

    Natural crystals of mind-blowing proportions have captivated scientists since their discovery in a Mexican cave 20 years ago. Researchers have unlocked the secrets of the crystals’ past, and now work to secure their future.

    Issue Date | February 2020

  • Is Iron The Most Important Element?

    Iron plays a crucial role in many aspects of life, whether it’s in living things or the Earth’s crust and core. Find out more about this amazing element, and why you can’t live without it.

    Issue Date | February 2020

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