Founders of Chemistry

How did chemistry become the study of electrons and the periodic table? Many great minds were responsible for making discoveries that led to modern chemistry. This video series allows viewers to travel back in time to explore the lives of the most influential men and women in chemistry.
  • History of periodic element


    History of the Periodic Table Video

    In this video, Sam Kean tells the story of the development of the periodic table. He also pays tribute to each of the major scientific contributors, including Dimitri Mendeleev, who made great discoveries through their efforts to best organize the elements.

  • Acids and bases guys


    Acid & Base Guys Video

    This video tells the story of how the definition of acids and bases has evolved from Lavoisier, to Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis.

  • Ancient chemistry


    Ancient Chemistry Video

    This video traces the history of chemistry from the discovery of fire, through the various metal ages, and finally to the great philosophers.

  • Avagadro video thumbnail


    Amedeo Avogadro Video

    This video tells the story of Amedeo Avogadro, the scientist given credit for the mole concept, but who discovered other things in chemistry too.

  • Roberto boyle


    Robert Boyle Video

    This video tells the story of Robert Boyle, a great chemist and discoverer of Boyle's Law, which describes the relationship between pressure and volume of a gas.

  • Marie curie


    Marie Curie Video

    This video tells the story about Marie Curie, including her Nobel Prizes, radiation experiments, and discovery of new elements. Irene Curie is also mentioned.

  • Lavoisier


    Antoine Lavoisier Video

    This video tells the story of Antoine Lavoisier who many consider to be the father or modern chemistry. Lavoisier discovered oxygen and hydrogen and first proposed the Law of Conservation of Mass.

  • Mendeleev video thumbnail


    Dimitri Mendeleev Video

    This video tells the story of how Dimitri Mendeleev organized the periodic table, even leaving gaps to be filled in with elements that weren't yet discovered.

  • Ernest rutherford video thumbnail


    Ernest Rutherford Video

    Rutherford's initial research was studying alpha particles, which he hypothesized were helium nuclei. With the help of Hans Geiger, Rutherford conducted the gold foil experiment, which justifies that the nucleus of an atom is a dense collection of protons and contains the majority of an atom’s mass. It also inferred that most of the atom is empty space and electrons are not located in the nucleus. He won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1908 for his studies on radioactive substances.

  • The temperature guys


    The Temperature Guys Video

    This video tells the story of how temperature as we currently know it evolved. The first thermometers invented in the early 1600s are very different than ones we use today!

  • Bohr 400


    Niels Bohr Video

    This video tells the story of Niels Bohr, a great scientist who redefined how we think about atoms and the electron. Bohr’s model of the atom helped to advance understanding of subatomic particles, and holds an important place in the history and development of the atomic theory.

  • Meitner thumbnail final


    Lise Meitner Video

    This video tells the story of Lise Meitner, a pioneering female scientist in the field of nuclear chemistry, who was denied a Nobel Prize but has an Element named in her honor.