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  • Identifying an Unknown, Calorimetry, Specific Heat | High School

    Lab: The Search for a Hit and Run Suspect

    In this lab, students will determine the specific heat capacity of multiple unknown metal samples through collecting data and completing calorimetric calculations. Students will take on the role of a forensic investigator and use their results to help them determine if a suspect’s vehicle was potentially involved in a hit and run incident.

  • Calorimetry, Heat, Hess's Law | High School

    Lesson Plan: Hess’s Law Application

    In this lesson students will determine the ΔHrxn of an unknown reaction using a calorimeter and Hess’s Law.

  • Combustion, Calorimetry | High School

    Lab: Less Than Zero

    Download this lab in which students will take investigate the endothermic reaction between baking soda and HCl.

  • Calorimetry | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Understanding Specific Heat

    In this lab, students will get a general idea of specific heat by investigating the mixing of two liquids at different temperatures. In one case, the same liquids will be mixed, in another case different liquids will be mixed.

  • Combustion, Calorimetry, Law of Conservation of Energy | High School

    Lab: How Much Energy is in Your Snack Food?

    In this lab, students will find the amount of heat energy stored in foods and compare heat calories with food calories.

  • Calorimetry, Exothermic & Endothermic | High School

    Lab: Cool Science: Building and Testing a Model Radiator

    In this lab students construct a model of a car radiator to investigate parameters that lead to efficient cooling. Students investigate multiple variables as they experiment with various radiator designs. This lesson focuses on thermochemistry calculations and engineering practices.

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