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  • Gas Laws, Stoichiometry, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Ideal Gas, Partial Pressure | High School

    Lab: Determination of the Ideal Gas Law Constant

    In this lab, students will collect a gas sample over water and use multiple scientific principles including stoichiometry and gas laws to experimentally determine the Ideal Gas Law Constant (R).

  • Kinetic Molecular Theory | High School

    Demonstration: Diffusion of Particles

    In this demonstration students will experience diffusion, and then model the process of diffusion of microwave popcorn “flavor particles” in a room filled with still air.

  • Gas Laws, Pressure, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Volume | High School

    Demonstration: Inflate and Shrink Wrap a Student

    In this demonstration, students will observe two situations. First a student will be lifted off the desk as other students blow air into straws connected to a garbage bag in order to inflate it. Secondly, the class will observe a garbage bag shrink wrapping a student as a vacuum removes air from the bag.

  • Temperature, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Heat, Temperature | High School, Middle School

    Lab: Mega Marshmallows

    In this lab, students will investigate the Kinetic Molecular Theory and particle motion while experimenting with a marshmallow. Students will observe how an increase in kinetic energy will cause particles to increase in motion. This concept will be extended into a discussion about additional real world thermal expansion examples.

  • Temperature, Gas Laws, Pressure, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Volume | High School, Middle School

    Animation: Gases Animation

    In this animation, students will visualize how volume, temperature, and quality of a gas are related. This is done qualitatively and quantitatively. **This video has no audio**

  • Temperature, Gas Laws, Pressure, Molecular Motion, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Intermolecular Forces, Volume | High School

    Lab: Gas Pressure

    In this lab, students will understand what causes pressure in a container and the variables that affect pressure (volume, temperature, number of moles) by mimicking molecular motion of gases.

  • Gas Laws, Pressure, Kinetic Molecular Theory | Middle School, High School

    Simulation: Gas Law Variables

    In this simulation, students investigate variables of a gas. From the computer models, they can see how pressure, temperature, and volume effect gas behavior.

  • Gas Laws, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Ideal Gas | High School

    Lab: Finding Absolute Zero

    In this lab, students will experimentally determine the value for absolute zero in degrees Celsius.

  • Molecular Motion, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Entropy, Intermolecular Forces | High School

    Activity: Connecting States to Entropy

    In this activity, students use blocks to model different states of matter and the Kinetic Molecular Theory to understand the concept of entropy. This is a concept mandated by SAT level or AP level high school chemistry class.

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