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  • Percent Composition, Concentration | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Homemade Hydrometers

    In this lesson, students will engineer simple hydrometers from straws and clay to learn about standard solutions, calibration, and instrument drift. They will use their hydrometers to test the salinity of samples of natural water.

  • Physical Properties, Concentration, Chemical Properties, pH | Middle School

    Activity: Would You Drink it?

    In this activity, students are provided with data regarding the water quality at multiple locations throughout a city. Students will determine which location should be prioritized for cleaning of contaminates. Students will utilize Claim Evidence and Reasoning (CER) to develop a claim that is supported by the data provided.

  • Concentration, Solute & Solvent | Middle School, High School

    Lesson Plan: Diffusion and Osmosis

    In this lesson, students will build upon their understanding of solutions and concentration. They will observe the diffusion of food coloring dye in water and then perform an experiment focused on how solutions of different concentrations will affect the movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane.

  • Concentration, Solute & Solvent, Chemical Change | Elementary School, Middle School

    Demonstration: Soft Eggs

    In this demonstration, students will first observe a reaction between vinegar (acetic acid) and an egg shell (calcium carbonate) to produce a naked egg. Using these eggs, student will analyze how certain substances can move through a membrane and also determine if the membrane is affected.

  • Mixtures, Interdisciplinary, Concentration, Measurements, Scientific Method | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Effect of Salt Concentration on Plants

    In this lab, students will observe how salt concentration can affect the structure of a potato tuber.

  • Mixtures, Solubility, Percent Composition, Concentration, Solute & Solvent | Middle School

    Lab: The Perfect Kool-Aid Concentration

    In this lab, the students will investigate how the concentration of a solution affects its properties such as color and taste.

  • Concentration, Reaction Rate, Temperature, Graphing | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Starch-Iodine Clock Reaction

    In this lab, students perform an iodine clock reaction to determine how concentration and temperature effect the reaction rate.

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