Dow & AACT Teacher Summit 2016

2016 Summits

Two summits were held in 2016. In addition to creating resources, attendees in both locations participated in professional learning sessions, and had the opportunity grow their professional network of support.

Baton Rouge

The first summit was held June 6–10 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 12 teachers gathered for the week-long learning summit. A local AACT member presented about Science and Engineering practices, and an American Chemical Society (ACS) staff member familiarized elementary teachers with free resources from the society.


A second summit was held July 18–22 in Austin, Texas, and 24 area teachers participated in the event. Professional learning sessions included a presentation on technology in the classroom from a local AACT member, and a workshop for middle school chemistry hosted by an ACS staff member. Both sessions were recorded and are available to AACT members for viewing:

Participants in both summits received a guided tour of the nearest Dow Chemical facility, worked with dedicated Dow STEM Ambassadors, recieved guided lab experience, and participated in safety training. Short (30 minute) safety sessions were built in to each day of the summit. During these sessions, teachers participated in case-studies, interactive discussions as well as experienced relevant classroom resources focused on safety in the chemistry classroom. Safety was presented in an engaging way, and each session was designed to be reused by the teachers with K–12 students, as a classroom lesson, activity or demonstration in their own classroom.

Classroom Resources from the 2016 Summits

Lots more on the way! Explore the resource library for additional lessons, lab, and demos from AACT.