Classroom Resources: Electrochemistry

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  • Reduction, Redox Reaction, Reduction Potentials, Galvanic Cells, Dimensional Analysis, Exothermic & Endothermic, Oxidation, Half Reactions, Cathode, Anode, Gibb's Free Energy , Spontaneous Reactions , Electron Transfer, Electrons, Spontaneous vs. Non-spontaneous Reactions, Spontaneous Reactions | High School

    Lesson Plan: How Far Can We Go?

    In this lesson students compare energy densities of lead acid and lithium ion batteries to understand the relationship between electrochemical cell potentials and utilization of stored chemical energy.

  • Electricity, Reduction, Activity Series, Redox Reaction, Reduction Potentials, Oxidation, Electron Transfer, Electrons | High School

    Lab: Reactivity & Electrochemistry

    In this lab, students will relate cell potential to the activity series.

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