Classroom Resources: Reactions & Stoichiometry

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  • Interdisciplinary, Photosynthesis | Elementary School

    Activity: Sunshine for Life

    In this activity, students will become familiar with the chemistry components of photosynthesis. They will use role-play and/or demonstrations to describe the purpose of photosynthesis in this activity.

  • Interdisciplinary, Photosynthesis | Elementary School, Middle School

    Lesson Plan: Investigating Photosynthesis

    In this lesson, students will build knowledge through reading an assigned passage, as well as analyze evidence produced from a teacher led demonstration to better understand the process of photosynthesis.

  • Renewable Energy, Phase Changes, Photosynthesis | Elementary School, Middle School

    Lab: Mini Terrarium

    In this lab, students will learn that even the smallest spaces can have their own climate. They will create a miniature sized terrarium and will observe how sunlight enters in order to warm the air, and in turn heat the soil and seeds. Condensation will build up in the container and the students can observe the water cycle in action, as well as the growth of the seeds over time.

  • Elements, Interdisciplinary, Molecular Formula, Conservation of Mass, Conservation of Matter, Molecular Structure, Balancing Equations, Reversible Reactions, Chemical Change, Matter, Photosynthesis, Monomer | Elementary School

    Lesson Plan: Plant Chemistry

    In this lesson, students will explore a simple, but key, biochemical reaction: photosynthesis.

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