AACT Introduces Student Video Pass

By AACT on February 12, 2018

Have you ever wanted to share AACT video content with your students? Well, now you can! We’re pleased to introduce the Student Video Pass.

A Student Video Pass enables AACT teacher members to have their students independently watch videos on their personal computers or mobile devices from anywhere. There’s no limit to the number of students who can use the generated pass. Each generated pass is valid for 24-hours. You can generate up to 10 passes in a calendar year.

To access a video, students visit the URL of their assigned video(s) and enter the passcode when prompted.

So, are you ready to generate your first pass?! After logging in (if you are not logged in, you will see a 404 error message), follow these 3 steps (see image below):

  1. Click the down arrow by your AACT username.
  2. Click on Generate Student Video Pass. Note, you will be redirected to the Student Video Pass page.
  3. Click the blue Generate Pass button and you’re done!

We hope that you enjoy this new member benefit!

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