Kitchen Chemistry – High School Collection

By AACT on May 14, 2020

This collection of AACT resources highlights all of the hands-on physical science and chemistry activities that are available in our high school library, and require only tools and/or materials that are typically found in the kitchen. They are grouped by topic: Acids and Bases, Atomic Structure, Chemistry Basics, Equilbrium, Gases, Kinetics, Quantitative Chemistry, Reactions and Stoichiometry, and Solutions.

All of these resources include a list of required materials and detailed background information for teachers, or other adults, who are supervising the activity. There are also student activity sheets, and many include an answer key. There is an equipment list and a table of conversion factors available in the sidebar.

Acids and Bases

Atomic Structure

Chemistry Basics




Molecules and Bonding

Nuclear Chemistry

Quantitative Chemistry

Reactions and Stoichiometry