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    Chemistry Fun | November 2015 Chemistry Fun

    Looking to upgrade up your emoji collection? Look no further! The American Chemical Society introduces Chemoji—emojis for the chemistry lover.

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    Chemistry Fun | September 2014 Chemistry Fun

    Decode these puzzles and win a prize.

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    Chemistry Fun | March 2016 Chemistry Fun

    A cartoon about what NOT to do in the chemistry lab.

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    Chemistry Fun | May 2015 Chemistry Fun

    Compound Interest's Andy Brunning shares the inforgraphics that started it all.

  • Cartoon nov 2014
    Chemistry Fun | November 2014 Chemistry Fun

    We asked you to write in your own caption for the comic below.

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    Chemistry Fun | September 2015 Chemistry Fun

    Looking for some chemistry humor? You've come to the right place!

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    Chemistry Fun | May 2016 Chemistry Fun

    Find the differences between two action-packed lab images. How many can you find?

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    Chemistry Fun | March 2015 The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

    AACT members can download excerpts of Larry Gonick and Craig Criddle's "Cartoon Guide to Chemistry."

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    Chemistry Fun | November 2016

    Humor can increase interest in chemistry, and aid with memorization.

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    In My Element | November 2016 From Corporate Scientist to Classroom Teacher

    Read about the author's transition from a corporate chemist to a high school science teacher. Through her journey, she discovers a desire to empower disenfranchised minorities and encourage their inclusion and success in STEM related careers.

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    Tech Tips | November 2016 Using Wikis to Promote Engagement in a Chemistry Lab

    Wikis can be used as a technology tool for differentiating a chemistry lab so it's engaging to all students. In this article the author explains how to build a classroom wiki page to use with students. He also explores ways to assess students’ tasks completed during the lab.

  • Google forms issue
    Tech Tips | November 2016 Simple Technology Strategies to Improve the Lab Experience

    Learn how to incorporate a few simple strategies to improve data sharing, pre-lab preparation and post-lab discussion in the chemistry lab. The author discusses the use of Google Forms, and the integration of videos and simulations.

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    Editorial | November 2016 How a Little Luck and Some Get-Up-and-Go Made Me a Better Teacher

    Veteran chemistry teacher and AACT governing board member Roxie Allen reflects on her teaching career and active involvement in various professional teaching organizations. She emphasizes the value of being involved, and encourages other teachers to grow outside their classroom.

  • Samsa web issue
    Resource Feature | November 2016 A Map to Solving Limiting Reactant Problems

    Teach struggling students how to determine the limiting reactant in a stoichiometry problem with this method. Through the use of arrows and corresponding steps, students are given appropriate guidance for completing these complicated calculations.

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    Nuts & Bolts | May 2015 Using NGSS in the Chemistry Classroom

    Questions from the March NGSS webinar are addressed, touching on topics including NGSS resources, how NGSS effects chemistry curriculum, and helpful tips about ChemCom sixth edition.

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    Resource Feature | September 2016 Tools and Strategies for Teaching Lab Report Writing

    One of the critical skills expected from any science graduate is the ability to write coherent and meaningful laboratory reports. Many chemistry students come to their first- and even second-year classes with an incomplete understanding of how to write high quality formal lab reports. We have developed some tools and strategies that may be helpful in this endeavor.

  • Value of chemistry stem
    Classroom Commentary | September 2016 The Value of Chemistry in a STEM Focused World

    Chemistry teachers often find themselves in the center of the STEM programs within their schools. In this article, we look at what STEM education means and what the focus of our STEM programs should be. The roles of the chemistry teacher and the chemistry classroom are key to the STEM agenda, and we see how our curriculum contributes to a STEM-prepared workforce.

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    Tech Tips | May 2016 BYOD

    The author explains how her bring-your-own-device (BYOD) classroom works and how it helps her manage her classroom while also sharing tips, tricks, favorite apps, and websites.

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    Resource Feature | May 2016 Getting Young Students Excited about Science

    Have you considered teaching chemistry to your elemenatry students? This fifth grade teacher shows how easy it is to introduce chemistry into the elementary school classroom. She reviews several You Be The Chemist® activities, and explains why her students love them.

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    Editorial | May 2016 It Takes a Teaching Community

    As the end of another school year approaches, Chemistry Solutions editor Emily Bones reflects on her first year back in the classroom, and the unique cycle that is teaching. As you make plans to recharge and rethink your plans for next year, remember the AACT website is a great starting point.

  • Right foot  ap teacher community
    Nuts & Bolts | September 2016 Starting off on the Right Foot

    Want to hit the ground running as a new AP chemistry teacher? While there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to tackling the delivery of an AP chemistry course, here are ten basic things you can do to help yourself before the school year gets underway.

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    Classroom Commentary | May 2016 Reflections of a Mentor Teacher

    A veteran teacher reflects on the valuable, unexpected, and rewarding learning experience of being a mentor to a student teacher. He encourages you to consider hosting an intern for a school year.

  • Fresh start back to school
    Editorial | September 2016 President’s Message: Another New School Year, and a Fresh Start

    The beginning of a new school year is here, and AACT President Scott Hawkins fondly recalls navigating his first year in the chemistry classroom, 22 years ago. Whether you’re a veteran teacher or are new to the classroom, AACT is a great place to find reliable teaching ideas, professional development opportunities, and many other valuable resources.

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    Classroom Commentary | May 2016 On Being a Head of Department

    How can you be a better, more proactive Department Chair? This article contains suggestions from an author with experience as a Department Chair in three different schools, over a 41-year teaching career.

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    Nuts & Bolts | September 2016 Keeping the Wow Factor, and Controlling the Risks

    This article reviews the safety problems inherent in the “traditional” rainbow experiment and similar demonstrations, the responses from various organizations, and safer alternatives.