Classroom Resources: Gases

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  • Gas Laws | Middle School, High School

    Demonstration: Balloon and Flask

    In this demo, students will witness the relationship between temperature and volume as well as temperature and pressure.

  • Pressure, Conservation of Matter | Elementary School

    Lab: Alka-Seltzer Rockets

    In this lab, students will conduct a chemical reaction that will be used to launch a rocket.

  • Gas Laws, Chemical Change | High School

    Project: Air Bag Stoichiometry

    In this lab, students make real-world connections of stoichiometry with the design of car air bags.

  • Gas Laws, Molar Mass | High School

    Lab: Molar Mass of Dry Ice

    In this lab, students will use gas laws to calculate the molar mass of dry ice and then use the information to identify the compound that makes up this substance.

  • Gas Laws | High School

    Activity: Modeling Gas Behavior

    In this activity, students will use models to predict behaviors of gas. They will conceptually and quantitatively solve problems, but the emphasis is put on the conceptual changes through modeling exercises.

  • Gas Laws, Stoichiometry | High School

    Lesson Plan: Mechanisms and Properties of Airbags

    In this lesson students will learn about the mechanisms and properties of airbags, and examine the choice of airbag inflator from several points of view.

  • Temperature, Gas Laws, Pressure, Volume | High School, Middle School, Elementary School

    Demonstration: Make the Water Rise!

    In this demonstration, students will observe the impact of temperature change on a gas through an engaging demonstration using simple household materials.

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